About Momo:
Name: Jasmine Coté
Nickname: Momo (has nothing to do with peaches D:<)
Gender: Female
D.O.B.: 1/6/88
Location: Wisconsin, U.S.
Interests: Drawing, video games, anime, cartoons, manga, cats, hamsters, biology/sciences, computers, friends, bad puns.

About the site:
I created this site because I've always wanted a web page of my own since I first found the world of the internet. I think now I have the proper knowledge to make a good site, so i decided to make one! This site will be an art site, including many of my drawings, animations, and comics. Most of it is fanart, mainly of video games (usually Nintendo stuff) and anime (Hamtaro mostly), but theres also some original stuff of mine. I want to be able to show people my art in a nice fun site made my own way, instead of on an art community or on a journal site(not that I don't love both!). Please be respectful and have fun here! =]

Contact Information:
AOL Instant Messanger: Invader Momo

Q: Can you draw ____ for me?
A: It depends wether or not I'm taking requests at the moment, or if I feel like it. I usually accept requests if they are small or easy, but I can be very busy, so if I accept a request, don't expect it to get done very quickly.

Q: How do you draw ____?
A: Check my tutorials section or just ask me, I'll be glad to help. Otherwise just practice practice practice.

Q: Do you take commisions?
A: Not at the moment, I frankly don't think I'm allowed to :D;; Maybe sometime in the future.

Q: Can I use ____ image?
A: It depends on what image you want to use and what you will use it for. Always ask before using one of my pictures, and please give the proper credit to me.

Q: Let's be friends.
A: OK! :D

Disclaimer: I don't claim to own any characters or ideas from nintendo or whatever else I draw fanart of. Also, don't take any of my pictures, or redistribute them without my permission.